Mobile Service Activation

Calling Card SIP Account
You will receive your username and password with an SMS to the number specified during registration! One mobile number is only allowed to register once!

The fields marked with * are required during the registration.
When registering from Bulgaria or abroad with a Bulgarian Number, please enter it in the format:
[08XXXXXXXX или 09XXXXXXXX] like it is shown in the brackets.
When registering with a number from the A1 Bulgaria network, you will not be able to dial other A1 Bulgaria subscribers, due to blocked CLI transmission from the telecom.
Mobile Number: *
⇒ International Numbers are not welcome!
⇒ Registration with international numbers is not allowed!

Tariff choice: *

* Tariff Standard is an unguaranteed service;
⇒ Technical Support is on a best effort basis;
⇒ We don't guarantee the transmission CLI;
Premium Support and CLI are offered only for the Special tariff plan.
Place of Registration
Country: *

Registrations are limited to one per number
to prevent abuse. Duplicate registrations are not allowed!

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